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5 Takeaways From Our Shrimp Tank Podcast Interview

August 24, 2020

Recently we were a guest on the well-known entrepreneur podcast, The Shrimp Tank! The podcast is a nationally syndicated podcast on iHeart RADIO and in their words, “Is where street smarts and book smarts collide.” They interview up-and-coming business owners to talk about their experience, lessons and how they’re making it happen!

To say we were grateful for the opportunity to be on the podcast is an understatement! Listening to podcasts to gain inspiration, insight and knowledge has made a HUGE impact on our entrepreneurial journey. When we’re both in the office, you’ll usually find a podcast of some sort playing in the background so we can be passively learning while going about our day. If you haven’t tried doing the same….you should!

The conversation with Micah and Mark from The Shrimp Tank focused on our background, but also our future…and to us, that’s the most exciting part. Here’s just a few of the take-aways that we cover:

  1. Our story is at the heart of EVERYTHING we do. We started Sunways because of our own experience we had as a family, and watching Mark’s parents be the Caregiver for his Grandmother. Because of that, every service, piece of content and interaction we have with clients comes from the idea of “what did WE need?”, “how did WE want to be treated?”
  2. We wear a lot of hats, and like it that way. Listeners get a good glimpse into the brain of an entrepreneur when we talk about some of our day-to-day tasks, and in the future how that will impact who and how we hire new employees. Wearing ALL of the hats has allowed us to know every nook and cranny of our business, which will be invaluable as we expand and need to train others.
  3. Growing a company is easier WITH your spouse, than without them. Being passionate and excited together has allowed us to feed off of each other’s momentum. We know where each other are coming from and going through…we’re essentially sitting next to each other on the rollercoaster! It would be hard to communicate this experience to a significant other that wasn’t paddling in the same boat.
  4. We take inspiration from leaders in ALL industries, not just ours. Coming in as a Healthcare “outsider” has helped us have an unbiased view of what works….and what DOESN’T. We take cues from leaders in all industries, for-profit and non-profits. Not having red tape has allowed us to immediately implement changes and pivot as needed.
  5. Our past is driving our future. Multiple times in the podcast we reference our past experiences, both personally and professionally, and how much we pull from the skills we learned along the way every-single-day. Especially our background as recruiters, which has given us a rock-solid workflow to implement and the ability to create trust and relationships quickly. Oh, and most importantly, a VERY thick skin…which is critical for ANY entrepreneur!

We hope you take a listen to the whole interview and enjoy! Clink the link below to get the audio and video recording.


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