7 Activities For Seniors That Are Homebound

March 16, 2020

Whether it’s because of limited mobility, illness or the recent fears stemming from the Coronavirus, many Seniors find themselves isolated at home. Social isolation can many times lead to deterioration of both physical and mental health, so it’s important as Caregivers that we are giving our loved onesactivities at home to keep them engaged.

Below are some ideas:

Start a Book Club
Organize a book club and invite your loved one, friends and family to join. You select a new book each month and participants read and then get together to discuss it. If your oved one is homebound, the gathering can be at their house to accommodate. If necessary, you can set up a group conference call or video chat instead.

Create an Indoor Garden
Bring the outdoors inside! This encourages working on fine motor skills and will naturally create joy. It’s hard not to look at a blooming flower and not smile! Growing vegetables, or other edible plants like herbs and then eating them gives a sense of purpose and success.

Have Game Nights
Your loved one will get social interaction and brain stimulation which is so important for Seniors! Having a weekly or monthly scheduled game-night gives them something to look forward to and a light hearted gathering.

Subscribe to a Monthly DIY Club
There are some great crafting/DIY membership boxes available. A new one is delivered monthly and give you all the supplies and instructions to assemble. This offers great mental stimulation, a chance to work on fine motor skills and a feeling of accomplishment. Our favorite: We Craft Box Senior www.wecraftboxsenior.com

Learn About New Technology
Seniors who are not tech-savvy can often feel left behind. Create a weekly or monthly “technology class” for them where you show them how to use a new piece of tech. Ideas: Internet (set up their email, show them how to use Google to search a favorite topic), Alexa (show them how to get info on demand, play their favorite song or find a podcast), Smart TV (new options like Netflix or Youtube gives them variety)

Set-Up a Video Chat
Show them how to Facetime, Skype, or Portal by Facebook to video chat. This allows them to see and interact with family and friends from the comfort and safety of their home.

​At-Home Exercise videos
There are many Senior exercise options like chair yoga and stretching that can be on a DVD or as a streaming service. This improves balance and we all know how impactful just 30 min. of daily exercise can be for Seniors.

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