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7 Signs It’s Time to Move From Independent to Assisted Living

September 21, 2021

What are signs to watch for to know when it’s time to move from independent to assisted living?

One thing we are reminded of daily in our work as Senior Living Concierges is that people age at different rates and the rate of aging is never consistent even within an individual’s experience. We have helped families whose loved ones were able to prepare for a move to an assisted living community over a time frame of a few months. We can carefully take our time to explore options and decide.  A scenario we see more often is when an elderly family member rapidly declines, and moving into an assisted living community needs to happen quickly. If you have elderly parents or a family member that lives independently, watch out for the 7 signs we outlined below. They could be signs that it may be time to start exploring your options for senior care.

#1- Physical appearance is not to normal standards. When people age, one of the first telltale signs that they may need help caring for themselves is that they can no longer do it. When simple tasks like brushing one’s hair or putting on a clean shirt become too much, it is maybe time to seek more care.

#2- Not able to keep finances straight. One of our clients shared that she knew it was time to look for assisted living facilities for her mom when she dropped by one day to check on her and noticed her cable had been shut off. Her mother forgot to pay the bill for months.

#3- Lack of stability physically.  As our bodies age, and joints become weaker it is harder to balance. If an elderly loved one has taken a fall, it may be time to look into extra care.

#4- Isolating, showing signs of depression/mood changes. When seniors live at home they often find themselves in routines. If you find that an elderly loved one starts to isolate, become obsessed with their routine, or pull away from others it may be time to move them to a community where they are being looked after.

#5- Unkept home/ not allowing visitors in because of embarrassment. If your elderly family member has stopped allowing you into their home, that is a sign that something is off and more care should be considered. It becomes harder to keep up with keeping things clean when you are unable to care for yourself.

#6- Incontinence. If your elderly loved one suffers from bladder and/or bowel incontinence, it is time to consider assisted living. We find assisted living facilities are pros for dealing with things like incontinence and understand it can be embarrassing for many.

#7- You’re unable to keep up. Are you a caregiver for your loved one and find the physical and mental responsibilities of caring for your loved one have become too much? Well, it’s time to ask for help. That’s why we’re here.

Remember the signs above can be subtle or undeniably sudden. We understand that this can all be overwhelming which is why we are here to support you. Visit our website to schedule a discovery call and learn more!

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