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9 Possible Signs Of Dementia And Tips To Help Your Loved One

May 25, 2020

Guest Writer: Kris Chana

It is important to understand these nine signs do not mean someone is definitively suffering from dementia. There are plenty of days that I too suffer from some of the following, however, these are just possible signs of dementia that may be worth exploring more if you are caring for your mom, dad, spouse or loved one.

1. Low Food Supply, Spoiled or Expired Food
Reach out to Meals on Wheels and setup services for your loved one so they receive a nutritional meal at least once per day. These meals are typically delivered directly to the home and can be very inexpensive.

2. Unopened Mail
The USPS has a service which allows you to have your mail scanned and emailed to you. With your loved one’s permission, you could have their mail emailed to you so it no longer piles up at their home and you can help ensure mail is not being missed.

3. Unpaid Bills
Try reducing the number of bills your loved one physically pays each month in person or by check. Set up their bills on Auto-Pay and help them easily manage everything online.

4. Medication Mix Up
Use smart devices like Alexa to schedule alarms for medication reminders. Also, try purchasing medications through a local pharmacy that uses blister packs or pill pouches which makes medication reminders much easier.

5. Unfilled Prescriptions
Avoid unfilled prescriptions through direct mail medication services which can be delivered directly to your loved one’s home.

6. Piles of Dirt Laundry, Bad Odors & Hoarding Tendencies
Hire a private home care agency to help with laundry, housekeeping, home organization, meal preparation, transportation, incontinence care and assistance with showers. This could be as little as 1 to 3 times per week or more depending on your budget and care needs.

7. Fingerprints on Walls
Use Medicare Home Health for strength and balance training to include physical and occupational therapy. Also, try to have your loved one use a cane, walker or some other safety device which can help prevent a fall.

8. Failure to Maintain the Lawn
Hire a lawn service and get them a table top garden if they like to tending to their plants and being around nature.

9. Unexplained Dents and Scratches on the Car
Depending on your loved one’s cognitive ability you may be able to disconnect the battery and pretend the car needs to be fixed. Look for creative solutions to avoid taking your loved ones car or license away from them.

About the Author:
Kris Chana is passionate about Seniors and their Caregivers! He is CEO at Chelsea Place Senior Care which operates an Assisted Living community, Adult Day Care and Home Care services. His vision is to transform Senior Care…one family at a time.
817.201.3113 | kris@chelseaplacecare.com | www.chelseaplacecare.com

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