9 Tips to Stay Young at Heart

Lauren Perpetua
Senior Resources
By Lauren Perpetua

Between Valentine’s, and it being Heart Healthy Month, February is bursting with hearts.

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We are all about heart awareness, and we believe that taking care of and giving your heart to others is just as important as staying young at heart… so we are offering 9 tips to help you stay Young at Heart!

1- Can you walk? Well then keep doing it. Walking is a great way to exercise your heart muscle. A pumping heart stays buoyant and able to beat. 

2- Never stop learning. The brain is a muscle and it needs to be trained just like the heart… 

3- Socialize, and connect. Being a part of a community is great for mental health. We are social creatures, and being with others can recharge your heart. Bonus for connecting with young people!

4- Eat a well-balanced diet. We say well-balanced and not heart-healthy because sometimes it’s good for the heart to eat some ice cream, and splurge on the whipped cream… the idea is to stay young at heart so embrace your inner child and ask for sprinkles. 

5- Adopt a pet. Pets help people connect with their softer side, and companions are a great way to keep people moving and smiling. 

6- Try a new hobby. Sometimes we age when we stay stagnant. Try something new. Learn how to crochet, golf, draw, bird watch… the world is filled with things to do and explore. A hobby will give you a fresh perspective.

7- Listen to music. Whether you’re trying to stay young at heart or lift your mood, the right song can put you right where you need to be. 

8- Dance in the kitchen. Now that you’ve got on some music, dance like no one’s watching. Who cares what it looks like, let your body move freely. If you have physical issues that prevent you from moving your whole body- move what you can.

9-  Go see a baseball game! What better way to ignite your youth than a baseball game?The ballpark, the smell of freshly cut grass, the crack of the bat, the crowd, the smell of hot dogs, a cold drink, ahhhh. At Sunways, we believe age is just a mindset. That’s why we sponsor Seniors Stroll the Bases with the Baltimore Orioles. During Spring Training, every Monday and Tuesday Ed Smith Stadium seniors are invited to Stroll the Bases after the game.  Check it out here.

Want to learn how a Senior Living Concierge can help your family? Click here to learn more. 

Lauren Perpetua

Lauren Perpetua

Lauren is the Chief Strategy Officer for Sunways Senior Living Concierge. She is passionate about connecting caregivers with resources needed to navigate the aging process of their loved ones. 

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