We approach senior care differently

April 27, 2023

What is a Senior Living Concierge?

It is hard to accurately describe what we do as Senior Living Concierges. We are in the business of helping others. We are dedicated to empowering and advocating for families to get the best care for their senior loved ones. To achieve that mission, we connect families to resources we have vetted and help them to compare senior living options. Kind of like a realtor, but for senior living communities. We are a free service for families. 

People often ask, how do you monetize if you are a free service to families?

Our company’s mission isn’t money-driven, it’s help driven. However, we are not volunteers. If we help a family find a home for Dad, we are paid a referral fee from the community he moves into. 

What Separates Sunways from other placement services?


  1. We are real people who really care. We are not an algorithm that sends referrals, we meet the families we help. Often in person. We get to know them, and their needs well. 
  2. Our business model is set up to meet families where they’re at. That means that even when families are not ready for placement or just in the information-gathering stage, we are a great resource to educate and to make sure they are getting what they need now but also stay in touch for when they are ready to make a move. The earlier we can get involved the more support these families can be through the process.
  3. Because our mission is to help people, we help everyone. Unlike others, we don’t have income restrictions on the families that we help. We help many low-income, seniors, and help families get educated and apply for resources like Medicaid and veteran benefits. We do direct Medicaid placement, even though we don’t monetize on it, and most of our competitors will not, but it’s important to us, that if we say we’re here to help people that we need to help everyone regardless of income.
  4. We can help anywhere. We do not have geography restrictions. Sunways Senior Living Concierge is not a franchise so we are not confined to certain counties or geographies. Currently, we have a team of nine that covers the surrounding 7 counties which can be very valuable when rehabs or hospitals are discharging non-local patients.
  5. We specialize in problem-solving and handling hard-to-place situations with tough family dynamics, behaviors, post-baker act situations, etc.
  6. We can create outside-the-box solutions for furnished respite stays or short-term solutions to bridge a gap such as if insurance won’t cover any more rehab but they aren’t ready to go home. We will stay in contact with the family as needs change and help them find long-term solutions as well.
  7. We are driven by our mission of helping families navigate the senior healthcare system to best serve their individual needs and we always come back to that purpose. 

Do you know a family that needs help navigating the health of their senior loved ones? We are here for them.

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