Breaking News: Our Website 3.0 is LIVE

November 16, 2020

Last week we launched the 3.0 version of our website! It has a brand new design, layout and functionality and we’re so excited for you to check it out!

We decided to bring in the experts this time around, and enlisted the team at Notion Design Group ( ) to not only create the new site, but to really help us focus in on our message. They took us through a Storyboarding session that was so impactful for us to figure out HOW to best communicate our solutions and services to the world!

We feel like this website is a perfect combination of useful information, but NO FLUFF…and that’s what Sunways is all about! We’ve made it super easy for Seniors and their loved ones to schedule a discovery call with us, which is critical to us understanding the situation and getting them the correct information and resources to help them in their journey.
One of our favorite parts is the Resource page! This is where you can find all our FREE tools and reference materials. We’re passionate about educating families and getting the right information in the hands of those that need us the most. We’ll be updating this often, so make sure to check back!

Another change, is our Reviews section because it’s now integrated with Google and Facebook to automatically post reviews and testimonials from our clients and partners! This feedback means the world to us…and yes, we’ve been known to shed a tear or two when reading them! But beyond that, these online reviews also help us come up higher and more often in online searches which means MORE people can find us!

Last, but not least, our blog main page has been completely revamped. It’s now easier than ever to browse the different articles and find the information you’re looking for.

In general, the launching of this 3.0 version marks the beginning of a brand new chapter for Sunways Assisted Living Concierge. 2020 has been a crazy year, but one thing it’s given us is even more passion and drive to help Seniors and their Caregivers. This new website gives as a platform to springboard off of as we grow our company and services to make a major positive impact on both our clients and the Senior Care industry as a whole.

As always, YOUR feedback means so much to us! Please email any suggestions of feedback to and we’ll be sure to get back to you. 🙂

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