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Essential Oils For Seniors & Caregivers

October 27, 2019

Essential oils are a great, drug-free way to support yourself and your loved one. Aromatherapy has incredible therapeutic value both emotionally & physically! Some benefits include:

✔️ improve mood + sleep
✔️ decrease stress
✔️ boost immune system
✔️ decrease inflammation

They can be an incredible tool, but sometimes overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Let’s go over a few basics:

How to Use Essential Oils
The two main ways to use essential oils is aromatically (inhaling) and topically (applying to the skin). Aromatherapy can be done by inhaling right from the essential oil bottle or using a diffuser. This is a great option for Seniors who live in a community or apartment to avoid the health and safety hazard of burning candles.

When applying topically, you can put directly on your skin in the area you are looking for support. It’s suggested to dilute with a carrier oil like coconut oil, especially when just starting out. Using a pre-made rollerball is an easy, no-mess way to apply this way.

Purity Matters
Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Purity matters with essential oils. Bottles may be labeled “pure” or “therapeutic grade” but only include 10% essential oils and the rest fillers and chemicals. Research the brand and make sure it’s a safe product.

Popular Essential Oils for Seniors & Caregivers

Lavender : great for stress, calming the brain and body, improved focus

Frankincense : healing, cell regeneration qualities, skin & wound care

Citrus oils like Orange or Lemon : improves mood, cleans the air

Rosemary: supports immune & respiratory system

At Sunways, we are passionate about holistic options like this to support our Senior Community! Reach out to us to get more resources and information on essential oils or ways you can support yourself or your loved one naturally.

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