Happy Grandparents Day

Grandparent’s Day Celebrations

September 6, 2022

Sunday, September 11 is Grandparent’s Day

We are so excited to celebrate Grandparents Day this upcoming weekend! This is such a special day to recognize. Children experience loving, impactful relationships with their grandparents. Even more importantly, children will carry traditions and stories from their family bloodlines into adulthood; which they will then pass along to their own children. In terms of senior health and wellness, it is a great motivator for seniors to stay healthy and active in order to keep up with their grandchildren. These relationships are vital for so many reasons! We also realize this can be a time of strong emotions for many. Even if you no longer have living grandparents, there are still beautiful ways you can honor their memory. Below we share our favorite ways to celebrate grandparent’s day, whether you are near, far, or your grandparent’s spirit is living in your heart:

If you are lucky enough to have a grandparent who is local:

  • Start a New Tradition!
    Gather the family and cook a traditional meal. Make it a whole day, and an opportunity to learn about the culture. Teach the grandkids how to cook something fun and unique. Then, spend time bonding and enjoying the delicious creation.
  • Plan a Special Day!
    Spend the day enjoying a nature walk, or visit a nearby botanical garden. Take them out to play miniature golf. Make a picnic, and watch the sunset. Any time spent together will be precious and appreciated. Take the time to plan something fun for the whole family, and give the grandparents a special gift to mark the occasion.

If you are separated geographically from your grandparents: 

  • Call to Catch Up on FACETIME
    A simple phone call can make your loved one’s day. Set a reminder on your calendar and carve out an hour to catch up with your grandparent!
  • Send a Card
    Pick a special card, and include some recent photos, and a handwritten letter. Surprising your grandparent with mail is such a simple way to show them you care!
  • Send a Homemade Craft
    If you have young children, get the creative juices flowing and make something special together. Make a single scrapbook page of recent photos and have it framed.

Honoring the memory of a grandparent who has passed away: 

  • Gather the family to look at photos and share stories – reminiscing is a great way to honor your grandparent’s memory. It is also more than likely that the older generations still have many stories that grandchildren have not heard. This is a beautiful way to bond as a family and share memories that cannot be passed down any other way. Gather over a meal, in the park, at the beach, or wherever you feel the best bonding will occur.

Happy Grandparent’s Day! We wish you and your family a happy and healthy week!


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