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Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 10

September 5, 2023

National Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 10!

We love grandparents, and have thought up ways to show them some love and gratitude below! Whether your grandparents are near or not, we hope these ideas inspire you to connect and safely celebrate with all the grandparent figures in your life.

6 Ways to Show Your Grandparents Gratitude

  1. Make a FACETIME date!
    Sometimes showing your love and gratitude can be as simple as checking in. Sundays can be chaotic with getting ready for the upcoming week, so schedule a call today. Carve out some time to video chat, check in, and tell your grandparents you love them!
  2. Send a card.
    We know this may seem obvious, but in a digital world, a handwritten note means a lot. If you’re sending a card to your parents from your kiddos, have them create the card.
  3. Have dinner delivered to their doorstep!
    Grandparents often show love with food, now is the time to return the love! Most neighborhoods have access to multiple delivery options. Have a delivery service (Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Door Dash) drop off their favorite meal.
  4. Send them a video message.
    Have the whole family (even pets) get involved and have fun! Create a dance routine, tell them a story, just say I LOVE YOU, it will be special coming from the heart, whatever that means.
  5. Get them a Love Box.
    Have you heard of it? If not it’s a small wooden box with a little heart that spins when you send them a note. Created by a couple who wanted to find a special way to send love in a long-distance relationship. He wanted to find a way to send not only messages but his love regardless of the distance. The best part is this is a lasting gift, you can send love notes daily! Check out the Love Box here.
  6. Send them your favorite memories!
    Grandparents create memories that the heart will hold forever, so tell them your favorite memories with them. Maybe it’s a vacation together, or a family tradition around the holidays, tell them the memories they helped create that are part of your core. Thank them. If you have little kids, ask them to tell you their favorite memory and get it on video or have them try to write it themselves.

Whatever you do, we hope you celebrate the grandparents in your life! They have spent their life loving you, so on Sunday, September 10, National Grandparents Day don’t forget to thank them!

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