How a Family Mediator Can Assist Senior Caregivers

February 1, 2021

Guest Author: Freya Robbins

>Have you had to make decisions for your parents and run into a snag with your siblings or other family members?

Let’s face it, we can’t agree with everyone, it is part of what makes us each unique.  However, it can be a problem when we are trying to help someone we care about and we find ourselves forced to work with someone who has different values, opinions, or working styles than we do. Whether it is long-dealt-with sibling rivalry or just a matter of a difference of opinion, it can be gut-wrenching to resolve complicated family dynamics without professional assistance.

  • Get help! If you could resolve this yourself you would!
  • Don’t wait, as this could become a problem if not dealt with.
  • Find a Neutral Party and someone with expertise who will help you.
  • What is your interest as opposed to your position?
  • What is the worst thing that can happen?
  • What could happen if you do nothing?

In the instance where the two parties cannot agree, it is considered “an impasse.” At this point, there is no hope of resolution and the situation must go to a Judge to make a decision.  If that happens, you lose all chance of having influence over the situation and you have potentially lost time and significant money to resolve this issue.

Sometimes we can win the fight but lose the war in these situations. Ultimately, the goal is to have everyone walking away feeling confident that the correct decisions were made. As a neutral third party who specializes in helping with family conflict, the right mediator can help bridge the gap between these differing opinions in a fraction of the time and expense of a legal dispute.

The goal of a Family Mediator is to help you see that everyone can win in these situations, especially the loved one you are trying to help.

As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, I excel in helping families with all sorts of conflict. I use an interest versus position based collaborative approach to dispute resolution that can be very successful in solving anything from the very simple to extremely complex.

A Family Mediator will work closely with family members to resolve conflict in an amicable way while maintaining the integrity of the family relationship is the heart of my practice. Many of my clients find the mediation process to be the crucial groundwork for improving family relations for years to come. Unless there is violence involved, these situations don’t need to be resolved in a courtroom.

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