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How Our Process Has Changed During The Covid Era

June 15, 2020

We get asked all of the time, has COVID-19 affected our business? Has it slowed down? Are client’s still moving into Assisted Living Communities?

We have to say, it’s a resounding NO to whether we’ve slowed down. If anything, we’ve been busier as families have started to realize that their loved one needs more care, and with the isolation of quarantine causing rapid deterioration for many Seniors.

Has our business been affected? YES. Almost immediately we had to pivot to change our process to serve the “new normal”. It’s always been important that we’re meeting clients “where they’re at”…but now we mean it literally. All of our meetings went virtual, and so have the community tours. Even though it’s taken some getting used to, we feel so good knowing that we’ve been able to serve our clients throughout this overwhelming time when they need it the most.

If you’re wondering what our typical process looks like during the COVID era, it usually follows these steps:

1. Meet with the family virtually, usually over Zoom or FaceTime, to gather information and get to know the client and family. (If not possible, we do a detailed phone call.) This call is much more than basic discovery about care needs and budget. We dig deep into their personality and dynamics of the situation and figure out what resources along with community options they may need.

2. After the discovery session, we brainstorm options and proactively call communities directly to discuss the client situation to confirm timing and care needs align. We narrow the list down to 3-4 communities that we feel are the best place to start exploring.

3. We have a follow up call/Zoom with the client to discuss feedback on the options and see which communities they have the most interest in.

4. Phone calls are scheduled between the communities and our client/Caregivers, including conducting virtual tours (via FaceTime or a previously taped video).

5. Once the client has decided on the best option, we figure out the updated community move-in protocol, including new COVID-19 steps. Usually this entails 1-2 negative COVID-19 tests, which at this point they are fairly easy to obtain.

6. To secure an apartment, a refundable deposit is made and move-in date is set to take financial responsibility and begin moving in furniture. We always help coordinate details through this stage and refer to vetted services like movers, transportation, Elder Care Lawyers, etc. to ease the transition.

7. Move-in!

If you have questions about how we may be able to help you or a loved one in this journey, be sure to reach out to us directly. No one should walk it alone!
info@sunwaysalc.com  (941)434-7747

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