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Hurricane Prep for your Senior Loved One

May 25, 2023
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Last year, in the wake of Hurricane Ian, our Senior Living Concierges were able to help a lot of displaced seniors. This year, we are determined to be more prepared, and arm our the families we help with resources. Therefore, we teamed up with our friends over at Silver Line Travel Companions to learn a little more about how they can help. Check out the blog below, written by Amber Lyon, Owner & Ceo of Silver Line Travel.
As we who live in the southeast U.S. we are acutely aware hurricane season begins June 1st. and ends November 30th. We close our eyes and are always hopeful of a storm-free season. With modern technology in forecasting, meteorologists are more accurate in forecasting the paths of storms once named. However, once a storm is named and the models place it anywhere near our homesteads, we live in anticipation of “wobbles and veering” hoping we are lucky enough to be out of its path. Our advice to those who may have difficulty preparing a home or evacuating to a shelter for an upcoming storm is to plan ahead and leave the area as soon as possible. Historically, for the older population, flying is optimal vs navigating the interstate north via automobile.

Some tips from the professionals who assist those who may need extra care during this stressful and, often rushed, time are:

  • Plan ahead now. Go ahead and make copies of all necessary documents, identification, tax and insurance paperwork, and contact numbers of friends and family.
  • Put together a travel kit to include a flashlight and batteries, a first aid kit, sanitary wipes, extra cash, and an electronics charger booster in case of loss of power or unavailability of charging stations during travel.
  • Have a plan. Choose a designated airport, plan to get there, and list of persons to whom you share your plan. Also, have a plan B as many popular destinations fill up very quickly once a storm is forecast.

Silver Line Travel Companions has experience helping those who may be in need of extra assistance in traveling and are happy to assist during this scenario or any others involving one-way or round-trip travel.

We can help your family too, hear what our previous and repeat customers have to say about us:
     “The staff at Silver Line saved our weekend when they were able to travel with my husband and I traveling back to Florida from Michigan after he was recently put on oxygen. They managed all necessary travel plans including the documentation needed for the airlines for someone using oxygen. We never could have managed it ourselves! Brian was professional and kind and we can’t recommend them enough.”
    ” Amber and Danielle are the angels you pray for when you need to make tough decisions for the ones you love the most. After mom passed, Dad was unable to live alone with his failing health.  They were able to handle every detail of flying to NY to get him and a few belongings from his home and bringing him down here to be with us. These last few years together are so precious to both of us.”
     “I am legally blind and on oxygen. I live in a condominium in Bradenton, FL which empties out in the summer leaving me alone and always fearful of storms, evacuating, and loss of power. For many years now, Amber has been helping me get to Utica to stay with family during the summer when the risk of storms is the worst. I will be traveling with the help of Silver Line as long as I am able.”
     “My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease two years ago. We are a very close-knit family and worried about Mom and Dad being able to travel to be with us during family events and holidays. Someone told us about the services from Silver Line and were so glad they did. The travel department makes the easiest arrangements for the flights and ground transportation and the caregivers are always so professional and knowledgeable about the challenges my dad has with Parkinson’s. Our whole family is appreciative and thankful for the blessing of having Silver Line and their team in our lives.”
And don’t forget, if you or a loved one is in need of care or resources, please give us a call. (941)-867-0809.
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