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Instagram’s Latest Influencers Over 50

September 20, 2023

So when you think of a social media influencer, what do you picture? 

Maybe it’s a girl sitting in front of a mirror with the words GRWM (Get Ready With Me) digitally imposed over her shoulder as she applies makeup sent to her by companies to entice her engaged following to swipe up and purchase whatever lotion or powder she applies? 

Or maybe, just maybe you’ve seen this GRWM video, and you realize there’s a whole different kind of influencer on the rise, what we affectionately are calling “Senior Slayers.” 

That’s right, grandmas are taking over Instagram and we are here for it! We are delighted to see to seniors be so creative, inspiring, and FUNNY! Like really funny. Don’t follow any senior influencers? No problem! We’ve curated a list of our favorites.

Check out the Sunway’s Top Five Senior Slayers below.  

1-  Grandma_droniak

Aside from just her GRWM Video, she has a lot of other great ones. We love her spunk, her sass and pretty much everything. Go get them Grandma Droniak!

2- Brunchwithbabs

Babs gives daily tips and tricks and we love her recipes! She makes recipes easy and fun and helps busy people prep and meal plan for hectic weeks. 

3- TrainwithJoan

Joan inspires by example. She became a “Fit-fluencer” in her 70s and she is constantly challenging her followers to believe in themselves and their growth. 

4- iris.apfel

You may recognize her from a recent cameo in a Target commercial, or maybe it is just her legendary style, but one thing is for sure, Iris Apfel is a legend. Born in 1921, Iris is a born and breed New Yorker who is a stunning 102 years young. She’s a fashion icon, and her Instagram reflects her “More is more, and Less is a Bore” lifestyle. 

5-Helen Van Winkle

Maybe one of our favorite Sassy Senior Slayers is Helen Van Winkle. Know for her signature phrase, Her social media tag line—”Stealing Your Man Since 1928″,  Helen is… well… she is uniquely HERSELF and WE LOVE IT! She’s not afraid to wear an orange low-cut dress, or dress up as Brittney Spears in her famous  Toxic Video outfit. We appreciate you BaddieWinkle, and love that you became an influencer at the young age of 85.


Social Media can be A LOT of things. It can bring out the best and the worst in people. We love to see when it allows people to express their creativity. It makes us feel more connected. Cheers to these senior influencers. KEEP SLAYING! We will be watching!

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