New Years Resolutions

December 28, 2020

The new year brings a lot of emotion: reflection of the outgoing year and anticipation of what the upcoming one will bring. This can bring hope, fear, anxiety, sadness or anticipation among many other emotions. It’s common to have New Year resolutions, but as family Caregiver, we need to have grace with ourselves to respect the challenges we face daily and changes we continue to endure.

Here are 10 New Years resolutions for that can help you ground and focus yourself as a family Caregiver:

  1. I will get more respite. No matter what that looks like to you (a few hours, a few days or a few weeks), it’s important that you give yourself a break to restore physically and emotionally. “You can’t pour out of an empty cup.”
  2. I will accept help. Asking for help isn’t always the hard art…it’s ACCEPTING it when it’s offered. Learning to let go of control and delegate is one of the hardest parts of being a Caregiver…it’s also one of the most critical.
  3. I will go to all my wellness appointments. This includes the doctor AND dentist, ophthalmologist and any other specialists that are on your to-do list. You can only care for others if YOU are healthy enough to do it.
  4. I will update and organize legal and financial documents. Ok, this is a biggie…but it’s so important. You’ll be so grateful you did!
  5. I will prioritize self care. This looks different for everyone. A bath, dinner with a friend, quiet time with a book or some daily exercise…whatever it is to you, JUST DO IT.
  6. I will implement a daily journal or gratitude practice. Taking time daily to look inward and reflect is invaluable. Carving out space for a daily ritual that is consistent makes all the difference.
  7. I will let go of guilt. Repeat after me: “I am enough. I am doing the best I can.”
  8. I will say “No” to things that don’t serve me. Overextending ourselves is common place for family Caregivers. Start by saying “no” to the extra tasks and activities that end up adding more stress than value to your daily life.
  9. I will be more open to alternative ways of caring for myself. This could be a support group, aroma therapy, massage or meditation. Stay open minded.
  10. I will move my body everyday. 10 minutes of stretching, a 30 minute walk, yoga, a bike ride…Whatever it means to you, get your heart rate up and blood pumping daily. Studies show that this will have a positive impact mentally AND physically.

Wishing YOU and your family a happy and healthy New Year!

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