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#protip : Community Tours Do’s & Don’ts

October 13, 2019

If you or a loved on is thinking about moving into a Community, tours are in your future. Whether you’re looking for Independent, Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing, it’s important to see a community first hand. The sights, the smells, the people…it all matters and it’s not something you can get from a website or marketing brochure.

There’s some Do’s and Don’ts to consider while you’re making the rounds, so lets jump in:

DO have a plan. Know what’s important to you, your loved ones and all the Caretakers involved. You don’t want to choose a community based on a staged bedroom’s color scheme…pull back those covers and know what REALLY matters. Not sure where to start? See our blog post on making a list.

DON’T just tour one community. We suggest touring at least three different communities to compare and contrast. This will confirm your decision and also give you an idea of other amenities, environments, floor plans and pricing options. You don’t know, what you don’t know.

DO tour during mealtime. Not only will this give you insight to the menu and daily options, but you’ll also get a feel for the other residents and see how the staff interacts. Just like at home, you see someone’s true colors around the dinner (or lunch) table!

DON’T forget to meet the staff. Learning about the care staff at a community is one of the most important reasons why you tour. Ask to meet the Head of Nursing or a staff member. Do they have nurses on staff? Are they there 24/7? What is the average tenure of their care staff (aka do they have a lot of turnover?) When you see them in the halls are they smiling and engaging?

DO check out the Activities Calendar. Socialization is one of the biggest benefits to living in a Community. Most will have their monthly calendar printed out and displayed in a main area for residents to access. If there are activities, trips, crafts and gatherings that are of interest, usually that’s a good sign that there are other residents with similar hobbies.

DON’T leave without getting all your questions answered. Seriously. Every single one. Make sure you have a clear understanding on the pricing structure and what next steps would be if you decide on that community.

Still a bit overwhelmed? Reach out to us and we can come up with a tour plan for you and even tag along to make sure you’re getting all the info you need to make the best decision. Let us know how we can help!

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