Spring Break for Seniors

March 14, 2023

When we say senior spring break, what does it make you think of? 

A lot of people would assume we mean college seniors headed to the beach for their spring break, but what we actually mean is seniors- as in senior citizens. Like the rest of humanity, sometimes seniors need a break from their normal routine. A little change can be good, however, if the senior in your life suffers from memory loss, it is best to keep their routine consistent.

Below are five ideas to spice things up for the senior in your life over spring break.

1- See A Movie – Take advantage of senior matinee specials at the local theater, and make a day out of it. Often, theaters will show older movies in the afternoon for a discounted price. Find a flick your senior loved one loves and see it on the big screen. Getting out and about is healthy.

2- Go out to Lunch – It may seem simple, but taking your senior loved one to a fancy or not-so-fancy lunch is the perfect way to break up the week. Take it a step further and get dressed up and go somewhere on the town, or keep it simple and go to a local diner, or even Costco… we’re told their hot dogs are pretty great!

3- Become a Tourist in Your Own Town – What is your town known for? Is it the amazing beach, the Chihuly Collection, or Spring Training for your favorite MLB team? Take your senior loved one to the museum, a spring training baseball game, or even just for a walk on the beach.

4- Grab a Drink – You read that right… if your senior loved one is able to have a cocktail- take them to have one! Check out the trendiest early bird special, and order a cocktail or a mocktail! Just go and have fun.

5- Visit with Grandkids – Do you live in a spring break destination like sunny Florida? Well if that’s the case, invite your college or older high school-aged grandkid to come to visit you! What kid doesn’t want to chill at the beach with their grandparents or have a free place to stay for spring break? I mean, invite them to stay and make them do the first four activities with you! It’s a win-win… 

No matter what- spring break isn’t only for kids in school. People of all ages can and SHOULD celebrate!


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