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Spring Into Action – Downsize without Losing Sentiment

March 15, 2022

FACT: Did you know, according to the eldercare alliance, 40% of retirees have moved to a smaller home?

One of the best things you can do to help your senior loved one transition in life is simply be pragmatic. Helping them downsize both personal belongings and their living situation is a great step to make life more manageable.

Stress Is Normal… Don’t Let These Feelings Overwhelm You

Downsizing does not need to be a dramatic move done all in one weekend. The best thing to do is simply get started. Make a to-do list. Studies show that checking tasks off a list gives us a sense of accomplishment. Start by working through the house room by room. Box up anything that is not being used, and either donate items or put them in storage. This will help your senior loved one, BEFORE physical and economic tolls become a burden in maintaining their home.

If you struggle with letting go of old items. Try this simple test:

  • Put anything you have not used in over a month in a box, and store it somewhere out of sight
  • If, after one year, you have not opened a box, it is time to let go…

This simple test can illuminate what is hanging around in your life that is serving no purpose. Letting go can then become very therapeutic. We want to encourage people from all walks of life to consider taking on this process. It can be valuable for anyone, but especially seniors!

Thoughts become our Life – Choose to Make this a Happy Transition 

It may seem like you are throwing away a large part of your life. Try to remember that nothing is a permanent, and welcome change. Encourage your loved ones to shift their perspective. Instead of thinking about what is lost, try to think of this as a way to declutter your life, and focus on what truly matters. You are simply making more room, and time for loving relationships.

Still Not Sure Where to Begin?

Call on your support system! Make a plan with loved ones and friends, or call us here at Sunways. Many services will assist you in the packing process from start to finish, and even drop off boxes and furniture to organizations for donation. We would be happy to make a recommendation that is best for you and discuss the next steps in planning for your future.


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