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The Importance Of Routine For Seniors & Their Caregivers

April 19, 2020

Mark and I are big believers in the power of routine. Not only does it bring comfort, but also helps encourage good habits & relieves stress. Daily routines are so incredibly important to Seniors and their Caregivers as it can create security, especially during times when things feel out of control. No matter how big or small, a predictable routine can reduce anxiety, helps days run smoothly and even improves sleep!

We see first hand how important routines are to our clients. They reduce uncertainty and the need for so much decision making, which also cuts down on arguments and power struggles. With so many Seniors and Caregivers navigating cognitive decline or dementia, routines can be a lifeline! One of the hardest parts of the Covid-19 pandemic, is that so many daily routines and rituals have had to stop and that adds to the emotional toll that isolation already is taking on the Senior community and their Caregivers.

Even though our days look completely different than they did a few months ago, having routines are more important than ever. If you haven’t already, it’s time to create some new ones! It will take some trial and error, but start with timing and activities that you think will work best and you enjoy…that will increase your chances of staying consistent.

An example of a morning routine is setting a time to wake up, then moving to brushing teeth & hair, changing clothes, eating a simple breakfast then a walk around the block or sitting on the porch for some fresh air.

An afternoon routine could be putting a favorite artist on the radio and working on a puzzle.

In the evening, try making some tea and sitting down to catch up on an old time show or program.

If you can, integrate activities that are physically or mentally engaging. That way you’re improving your health and happiness while you’re at it! For some unique activity ideas, check out our FREE idea guide for homebound seniors here: https://mailchi.mp/sunwaysalc/activitiesforhomeboundseniors

Stay safe out there!

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