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Tips for Those Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

June 14, 2022

Care for the caregiver

Worldwide, 55 million people are living with Alzheimer’s (link to old blog), and that means there are equally as many people out there caring for those people. Caring for someone with memory loss is not only a physical journey, it is often paired with crippling emotions of frustration, guilt, boredom, sadness, loss of control, and helplessness. These emotions can become overwhelming, especially when paired with the grief that comes from mourning the loss of who your loved one once was… it is hard to watch someone’s mind deteriorate before their body. 

We often see caregiver burnout, and we want to remind you of a few simple tips that can help you reset when you are feeling overwhelmed. 

1- ASK FOR HELP. If you ignore every other tip on this list, the most important thing you can do is ask for help, and…

2- ACCEPT HELP! Often caregivers feel they need to do it all, ALL the time. YOU DO NOT. You need to put on your oxygen mask before helping others. Try to schedule some “off time.” Have another family member come over, and take a walk. 

3- Take a walk outside. Nature and stillness can do wonders for your mental health, and help you hit the reset button. If you find it too hard to peel away, make these walks a priority, and schedule them like you would a doctor’s appointment. 

4- It’s okay to not be okay. This is hard, what you are doing. It is an everyday challenge. It’s okay to have off days and get frustrated. It’s okay. YOU ARE HUMAN. THIS IS HARD.

5- Make sure you are eating nourishing foods. When you are caring for others, it’s hard to remember to fuel yourself. Have simple things on hand- like trail mix, or a banana to make sure your energy stays up.

Hey, caregivers, you are the world’s true superheroes. THANK YOU! We are here for you. If you or a loved one needs help navigating the maze that is senior care, reach out to us. Curious to see what we do- learn more here. 

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