We Are Family!

July 19, 2023

I got all my sisters and me

We had a “pinch-me” moment! 

When Mark and Elli founded Sunways they set out on a mission to help other families. In the beginning, they focused on helping families find resources or placement for their senior loved ones.  Over time that mission has grown, and Mark and Elli have not only helped families outside of their organization, but they have also helped the families of the people they work with. They’ve grown an organization whose culture is to empower their employees with a life-changing opportunity to help others. We do meaningful work, and what’s even better- we like each other. A lot. 

Let’s face it when you’re happy at work, you’re happy at home. 

Last week we had our first-ever Sunways Family Fun Day! Because we all work separately (for the most part), it was the first time we got to meet each other’s families. It was great to see the kiddos interact, and spouses hang out. Everything was pretty perfect – from the Sunways customized beach towels to the killer set up by our friends at 2 Chicks & A Picnic

We could go on describing it, but sometimes it’s just better to see for yourself. 

Sound UP. 


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