Why Every Family Caregiver Needs a Senior Living Concierge

December 6, 2022
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Navigating the maze of senior care and resources is overwhelming. We know because we’ve done it! Our concierge services were born out of creating the service we wished we had as a family. Since then, our team has helped countless families compare care options and resources. Whether you’re in the early stages of educating yourself or in the middle of crisis management, our services at Sunways Senior Living Concierge are invaluable to make sure you’re making the best decisions for your family…here’s why:

  • You don’t know what you don’t know.

    • Information, resources and options constantly change in the senior care space. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what questions you should even be asking, let alone where to get the answers. Unless you are a pro at navigating the process, there are many options, financial support and resources that could be available to you. Unless you know about them, they’re often overlooked. We make sure our clients see the BIG PICTURE and find solutions that work now, but also are sustainable in the future as things change.
  • You need an unbiased source of information and education.

    • Often times people will share information through their own personal lens. Either what has (or has not) worked for them personally or what they will profit off of if they are selling a service/product. Everyone’s story is unique to them. Because we are free to families and not associated with one service, product or community, we can stay unbiased and purely share the facts to empower YOU as a family to make the best decision. This avoids being “sold” something that doesn’t make sense now or in the future.
  • No one JUST needs placement.

    • Even if that means immediate placement, there are always so many other things that could be needed….eldercare lawyers to update documents, downsizing, selling a home, movers, in-home care for the short term until the move, etc. We connect you with vetted partners to help with all aspects of this process and project manage along the way.
  • Education and planning are key to avoiding a crisis.

    • We meet seniors and their caregivers where they’re at…and in a perfect world that is BEFORE a crisis occurs. Nothing negative can come out of educating yourself on options, costs and logistics & it can never be too early. It arms you with insight to make the best decision when needed and avoid missteps. It ensures all family members are on the same page and the financials and documents are set up for a smooth transition.
  • We’re a FREE service to you

    • Because we’re a free service to our families, why wouldn’t you consult us on your journey? There is literally nothing to lose…except those stress-filled sleepless nights! Call us today to see how we can help: 941-867-0809 or email at info@sunwaysseniorliving.com


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