Why We Created The Caregiver Coach

April 12, 2020

Since starting Sunways, we’ve helped countless Caregivers on their journey to find answers, resources and information to make the best decisions for their aging loved one. And as much as each person’s story and circumstance is unique, there are many reoccurring questions and themes that we always seem to come across. Heck, they’re the same ones that our family asked when we navigated these waters ourselves with Mark’s Grandmother.

A big reason why we’ve always made a focus on sharing information we’ve acquired or lessons learned on places like social media, our blog or speaking engagements is because we want this knowledge in the hands of the people who need it the most…the ones who are overwhelmed, tired and confused on where to start…the Caregivers.

We’ve always been brainstorming about ways we can help more people with this information and tools. And then came along COVID-19. All of a sudden we were thrust into a whole new world! One where Seniors are more vulnerable than ever and Caregivers are left with even more pressure to make sense of it all…many times from afar and in quarantine themselves.

So with the idea of “social distancing” in mind, we created a way we could still give clients guidance, resources and tools, but in a safe and practical way in our new reality! The Caregiver Coach Course was born!

This 2 week LIVE course has 2 individual calls to get 1-on-1 support and insight, plus 4 group sessions where we’ll go over the 4 Pillars of Caregiving so each participant has the tools and information they need to help make the best decisions for their loved ones. But the best part is, each person will finish the course with a 1-on-1 call with us to create a personalized Action Plan to put all they learned into play.

We can’t wait to see the impact this course makes on the lives of Caregivers! To get more details or to sign up for our upcoming session, check out https://caregivercoach.sunwaysalc.com

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