Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Care

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In-Home Care vs. Community

Deciding between in-home care and a community is a very personal one. Two of the biggest things to consider are the amount of care needed and how much socialization your loved one is getting.

If your loved one has a strong support system locally who can share caregiver responsibilities, in-home care can be a great option. There are levels of care to consider ranging from companions to 24/7 skilled nursing.

The benefit of communities, is they offer consistent care in a regulated environment and also encourage physical and emotional engagement and socialization, which are shown to have many positive impacts on aging.

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What types of communities are there?

Some communities will just offer one level of care, but others may offer multiple or even all levels. Its important to assess not only the current needs, but also future ones to allow your loved one to age in place.

  • Independent Living: designed for residents 55+ who are looking for amenities and social activities
  • Assisted Living: communities that provide a combination of housing, amenities, personal and health care options and assistance with normal daily activities.
  • Memory Care: a secured unit that offers a higher level of care for residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Skilled Nursing (nursing homes): these facilities offer around the clock care and services that can only be administered by licensed nurses.

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What does it cost?

Costs vary dramatically based on the community and amenities. Most will have a base cost and then options for levels of care depending on the needs so overall cost will vary.

  • Independent Living: average $1,800+ per month
  • Assisted Living: average $3,000+ per month
  • Memory Care: average $5,000+ per month
  • Skilled Nursing: $9,000+ per month

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How do I find the best community?

Call Sunways, of course! Together, we take all the factors into consideration such as overall monthly budget, location, current and future care needed, amenities and overall “feeling” of a community.

Touring communities is the best way to identify the best fit and meet the staff. Protip: We suggest touring during lunchtime so you can check out the dining room and try the food!

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How do we pay for this?

Elder care, whether in a community or in-home, is paid using a variety of income sources:

  • Social Security, Disability or Veteran benefits, Medicare, Medicaid (if eligible), long term care insurance, pensions, savings and investment accounts. Its important to take all of these into account when determining your monthly budget.
  • Most communities will charge monthly and not require a long term contract. It is industry standard to have a one-time Community Fee at the time of move-in, and that typically ranges from $1,000-$3,000. Protip: sometimes communities will have discounts they can apply to the Community Fee.

Ask us about a local Financial Advisor we can recommend to help you organize your loved one’s finances to make sure you are getting the most value possible.

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Veteran Benefits + Medicaid

We personally put you in touch with one of our local partners who will help you navigate the process of applying for Veteran benefits and Medicaid. This can often be one of the most confusing steps of the process, so we suggest using a professional who will not only answer all your questions but also expedite the timeline. Protip: most firms will give you a free consultation!

Veteran Disability Compensation vs. Aid & Attendance

If they qualify, Veterans and their Spouses or Widow are eligible for a monthly stipend that can be applied towards the monthly costs of an assisted living community or in-home care.


There are many factors, stipulations and wait times to consider when applying for Medicaid. One of our local Partners will help you quickly assess your eligibility.

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Eldercare Law

Eldercare Lawyers specialize in the unique needs of Seniors and their families. They can serve as an advocate and handle a wide range of legal matters including health care, long term care planning, guardianship, Power of Attorney, social security, Medicare/Medicaid and Veteran benefits.

Reach out to us to get in touch with one of our trusted Eldercare Law Partners.

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Transition Services

There are many services that will help you and your family simplify the transition to a Community. Real Estate agents and Move Managers who specialize in helping Seniors can prepare their house, downsize & organize and move them into their new home. Request further information about our trusted Partners that specialize in each of these areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service

How does your service work?

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What is the cost?

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Our service is provided at no cost to the families we help. We monetize on a referral fee from communities if our client decides to move.

How do we get started?

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