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“The most daunting decision I have had to make in my lifetime is finding a suitable memory care facility for my beloved wife of fifty years.That became especially true when I realized that I could no longer care for the love of my life due to my own physical infirmities. At that point I knew I needed the intercession of an angel. With the help of my son and daughter in law, who have assisted me faithfully through this process, I found that angel in the person of Elli Baldwin. Elli is the owner with her husband Mark, of Sunways Assisted Living Concierge. Elli quite literally took us by the hand and compassionately led us through the complex process of determining need, exploring options, touring facilities, and considering differences of care and costs. Her exceptional knowledge of the local care industry, and her efforts on our behalf was made all the more remarkable by the arrival of COVID-19 in the midst of the process. The pandemic delayed us by months, but Elli remained actively informed, faithful to our needs, and patient. When the situation became critical, Elli delivered, and for that I will be forever grateful. I could not be more pleased with, nor could I recommend Sunways more highly.”
– Jim: Husband & Caregiver
“Sunways Assisted Living Concierge Owners, Mark and Elli Baldwin, display the professionalism, compassion, knowledge and dependability someone needs when going though a life-changing decision for their themselves or loved ones. Never do I hesitate to call them for advice and know they put the needs of their client first. The guidance that they provide though this process is priceless.”
– Susan: Community Partner
“I cannot recommend Sunways more fervently. Navigating the eldercare landscape with their assistance made things simple and manageable for my family. Elli and Mark bring both practical knowledge of resources, systems, processes, and best practices as well as an enormous amount of empathy and heart to all that they do. Our family went through a difficult and multi-stage process that included both in home and facility care and Subways was always there with kindness and expertise. The process of creating a plan of action for the care of your elderly loved one is an emotional process and it’s so comforting to just sit back and let Sunways drive the bus while you deal with more important matters like attending to your loved one.”
– Savannah: Daughter-in-Law & Caregiver
“Sunways is a godsend! They made the process of finding Assisted Living for my Mom as easy as it could be. From our first conversation, they were a wealth of information and I felt less stressed immediately! Sunways guided me along the way to finding a great place for Mom in her budget AND helped with lawyer resources and so much more. I’m forever grateful they supported Arlington Park’s Porch Fest and we met there!”
– Shannon: Daughter & Caregiver
“I just want to thank Sunways Assisted Living Concierge for all their help. I had to move my parents from one Facility to another one. They took the reins. They were like my own Angel sent to me. So helpful. I could not of done this on my own. Thank you so much!”
– Nancy: Daughter & Caregiver
“I would like to thank Mark Baldwin at Sunways Assisted Living Concierge for helping my sister and myself find an assisted living facility for my mother. With all the challenges that are going on in the country right now, it was hard to make the decision to have my mom go to an ALF. Mark helped out tremendously by giving us suggestions based on our needs and my mother’s needs. I would definitely recommend Mark and the concierge service to help you with your healthcare needs.”
– Cary: Daughter & Caregiver
“Working with Sunways Assisted Living Concierge has been a pleasure from the beginning. Their knowledge of senior living communities is unparalleled. Knowing when it’s time for placement that she will be guiding our clients through the process gives us peace of mind. Our clients are always happy we referred them to Sunways!”
– Barbara Cogswell, CEO – A Better Solution Home Care
“In a time where stress was high a stamina was low, and I felt walls were closing in at all directions because my own health was now becoming compromised. I didn’t know where to turn or where to start. Then I was led to Sunways who worked endlessly with me to place my Dad in a memory care facility that would work best for our family. I must say that Elli and Mark at Sunways were a godsend and come with high regard from myself and my family. We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend them to someone in a similar situation.”
– Chantel: Daughter & Caregiver

“I have had the opportunity to meet and work with Sunways Assisted Living Concierge for the past year now. Since meeting them, I have found a way to help families that I work with that have a need to find a better living situation for themselves or their loved one. The peace of mind these families find receiving their help is life-altering. Elli and Mark find the solution of a place to live that actually is not only affordable for them but also a better fit for their needs and personality type.

The thoroughness of their assessment is very professional and helpful to my families that find themselves in an overwhelming situation when faced with where to place a loved one for the proper care and financial needs they have. These families, feeling overwhelmed and scared, go through this process together and come out the other side feeling very relieved and happy at the decisions they have made for their families with this service. They only place families where they know they will fit and do not place loved ones anywhere they would not place their own family member.

I love that most about this company but the ease of working with them is by far my reward as well as the family’s. Working with Sunways Concierge is the Only Placement Company I choose.”

– Loretta Boydston: Financial Services Agent, Veteran Financial
“Working with many senior living communities I was impressed with Elli and Mark at Sunways Assisted Living Concierge. They are always happy to help and go above and beyond for the clients they serve.”
-Kimberly Browne, Director of Business Development – A Better Solution Staffing
“We as a family are so very grateful for the services that Sunways Assisted Living Concierge provided. A few short weeks ago after a hospital stay and a rehab stay we learned that our mom was no longer able to return to her assisted living facility because her level of care had changed. After a phone call to Elli she jumped into action and provided four facilities with 24 hours for us to see. She attended the meetings, helped remember all the pertinent questions and had a great memory for who my mom was and what her needs would be. Once we selected her new forever home, Elli connected us with movers and helped navigate all the paperwork and logistics. We could not have been more pleased with her professionalism and caring heart. She made what could have been a tremendous stress just prior to the holidays seem so easy. We highly recommend their services.”
– Dee Dee: Daughter & Caregiver
“I contacted Mark Baldwin of Sunways Assisted Living Concierge because my Mother was in an assisted living facility and needed additional care only provided by a skilled care facility. Living in Ohio, I had absolutely no idea where to start. Even though skilled facility placements are not part of their business model, Mark took the time to discuss our needs and went out of his way to provide timely recommendations of local facilities. His caring attitude helped ease our minds during a very difficult transition. My family can’t thank him enough.”
– Roger: Son & Caregiver
“I loved working with Sunways Assisted Living Concierge and TLC Senior Move Experts. All of you were so helpful, loveable and reachable. Questions were answered quickly, contacts were readily available and I always felt that you truly cared about getting me through this traumatic experience as painlessly as possible. I would highly recommend your services to anybody needing your kind of program.”
– Kay: Client

“I have had the absolute privilege of working with Elli and Mark Baldwin, owners of Sunways Assisted Living Concierge. This extraordinary couple has provided me with perfect resources to choose from as I consider my next move into independent/assisted living!

Elli and Mark have created a unique service, delivered with compassion, enthusiasm, and grace. Their commitment to helping seniors is passionate, and their gentle and empathetic style, reassuring. This delightful couple has the ability to listen carefully, hand pick potential residences, and explain the assets of each. Their patience is palpable and knowledge, admirable!

Although I am not ready for my next move, I am grateful to know where that will be. The connection with my future residence gives me great comfort and reassurance. When I am ready, I will be able to make the transition more easily than ever imagined. Thank you, Elli and Mark!”

– Ellia: Client
“Sunways guided us through the process of locating and confirming a beautiful place for our elderly father to live. Their cooperative, inclusive, and always available demeanor eased our minds. Their support was essential.”
– Leni: Daughter & Caregiver
“Sunways helped us find an assisted living location for our Father. They were great in every way. They were fully engaged in the process with us before and after and treated us like family.”
– Joe: Son & Caregiver
“Sunways was an answered prayer! I had no idea where to begin when my mom was in ICU and things weren’t looking so good. They gave me compassion and comfort when I was anxious and assurance of guidance when confused. They were patient with my many questions and inquiries and so very willing to help us in anyway, in making the difficult life changing decisions. They were there EVERY STEP of the process. Thank you so much Sunways! I highly recommend you and your services.”
– Jade: Daughter & Caregiver
“SUNWAYS responded quickly, compassionately and diligently to my call for help with placing my elderly aunt. Her multiple problems presented a challenge which Elli and Mark faced with patience and vigor.”
– Clare: Niece & Caregiver
“A big thank you to Elli and Mark at SUNWAYS for guiding our family through a very difficult process of finding the perfect place for our mom. From arranging tours at facilities, to being our shoulder to cry on, to helping us arrive at a decision we were all happy with and seeing it through to a happy ending. Your constant caring and advice was just what we needed to bring our journey to fruition. Your knowledge, steadfastness and compassion that you bring to your clients is invaluable and we will be grateful to you forever!”
– Tig: Daughter-In-Law & Caregiver
“Trying to navigate the senior care system is difficult. Thankfully we were fortunate to find SUNWAYS. Elli was so responsive and kind. She made the process so much easier. One thing that makes SUNWAYS different from all the others is their quick response. SUNWAYS was able to help my family negotiate a good price for care as well as find a facility that fit our loved one perfectly. If you need help I would highly recommend SUNWAYS. We are eternally grateful for their help!”
– Karen: Daughter & Caregiver
“Since my initial conversation with Mark and Elli, I knew right away it would be great to work with SUNWAYS. They are professional, caring, responsive, and genuinely care about their clients. Elli and Mark really made the process about the individual (being my mother) and finding the right situation for her needs. I don’t know how I would have managed this process without their guidance and expertise. My Mother has now been placed in a home and is getting settled in. I am so thankful for their assistance in this journey, you have been a pleasure to work with!”
– Ana: Daughter & Caregiver
“Thank you SUNWAYS for not only finding the right place for my grandmother, but for helping the rest of the family through the emotional process and to get on the same page as one another. Elli, you are a joy of a human and have a way of putting everyone at ease, even in not the sunniest of situations. The whole family appreciates the time and care you put into our situation.”
– Alex: Granddaughter
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